SinePhase Impedance Analyzer & LCR Meter

SinePhase Impedance Analyzer & LCR Meter are versatile instruments for measurements from 1 kHz up to 17 MHz. They are operated and powered directly from any standard Laptop or PC without the need for additional battery power pack or main supply.

SinePhase Impedance Analyzers & LCR Meters

USB Power & Control
The USB power and control concept does not only turn the instrument into the smallest and most mobile of its type, but also features fully integrated PC control and data acquisition as the standard mode of operation. >> More Info

Mobile Design
The unique mobile design allows for precise measurements in a laboratory environment as well as in challenging remote field applications. The simplicity of the instrument brings a perfect cost-effective solution to all measurements of ultrasonic, piezoelectric, or quartz-based frequency dependent impedance analysis, as well as to any LCR or other electrical network applications, where easy to use 2-pole impedance measurement is the preferred choice of analysis. >> More Info

Versatile Operating Software
The standard operating software includes a virtual impedance analyzer control panel. Operating the analyzer through this virtual instrumentation panel is so effective that integration of a (much less flexible) real user panel has been spared from the hardware design of this analyzer. >> More Info

Customized Solutions
The underlying flexible technology platform allows for any customer solutions, starting from minor customized adaptations up to complete customized software and hardware integration for industrial OEM applications.

Products & Service

Model 16777k

Impedance Analyzer | LCR Meter

For impedance measurements between 1 kHz and 16777 kHz.

Model 2097k

Impedance Analyzer | LCR Meter

For impedance measurements between 1 kHz and 2097 kHz.

Model 262k

Impedance Analyzer | LCR Meter

For impedance measurements between 1 kHz and 262 kHz.


Easy-to-use self-explanatory

All instruments are supplied with easy-to-use self-explanatory measurement software.
In addition to the wide range of functions provided with the standard measurement software, SinePhase also offers optional tools like the Fitting Tool or the Correlation Tool. Based on feedback by our customers, SinePhase is commited to continuously extend its library of readily available optional tools.


Individual Analyzer Systems

SinePhase impedance analysis technology is not limited to our standard product family. Our experienced specialists will work with you to specify, design and manufacture customized hardware solutions that are based on our basic analyzer hardware platform. Combined with customized software there are no limits to realize individual analyzer systems that fit your particular application environment.


OEM & Embedded Solutions

For industrial customers SinePhase impedance analyzer technology is also available on an OEM basis, by embedding SinePhase core technology into your product design.

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